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Bellerby is situated 1.5miles north of the Market town of Leyburn, on the A6108, in the Richmondshire District of North Yorkshire. The village is at the end of Wensleydale, nestled in a dip amongst low hills and standing at 205 metres above sea level with an open south-easterly aspect. Above the village are gently rising fields and moorlands to the north and west.


Attractive becks are a feature of the village. Bellerby Beck rises from a spring half way up Moor Road; some of the output of the spring is used by the water board to feed raw water to a local reservoir. Mill Beck, which is diverted from Bellerby Beck, flows Levada style through the higher part of the village across the green before rushing down past the old Mill to unite with Bellerby Beck in Mill Lane to continue towards the east. Mill Beck is in fact the Mill race for the now residential Mill, and is crossed by some 45 bridges in its short journey.

The Old Hall and Village Green
Mill Beck flowing thro' the Green

Bellerby is also famous for its Duck population, loved by some, hated by others. With the proliferation of water in the village plus, several Hospitable residents with suitable gardens, our duck population continues to flourish bringing great pleasure to many residents and visitors alike.

While Bellerby is now a very attractive, hospitable village it has not always been so:-

'John Wesley had preached at Castle Bolton parish church in 1744, whilst on the way from Leeds to Newcastle, noted in his Journal that he was "much pleased with the serious behaviour of the congregation" and 20 years later sent Nicholas Manners into Wensleydale to carry on the good work.
Manners, alas, was stoned and roughly treated as he preached the Gospel at Bellerby - folk round there have a reputation for being rather kinder to ducks - but was made altogether more welcome at Castle Bolton where he stayed at the cottage of John Jackson, who made his living by carrying lead and coal by donkey.'

The Old Barn - Home to many of our ducks
Local Services
Doctor Leyburn Medical Practice 01969 622391
Dentist Leyburn Dental Practice 01969 622132
Newspapers Towler's Leyburn will deliver to the Memorial Hall for Collection:- 01969 622176
Milkman Lindsay Bloomfield of Milk Maids tel 01969 622408 or 07792 540757
Window Cleaner
A. Smith:- 01748 832505
Fish and Chip Van By the Cross Tree, every Thursday between 4.30 and 5.00pm.
Post Office At the Cross Tree Monday and Thursday 1.15pm to 2.15pm
Duck Eggs Free Range Organic Duck Eggs. Contact -
Sara North, Thorn Ley (between the Church and Southfield Farm)
tel 01969 623750.
Council Services  
Mobile Library By the Cross Tree, every 3 weeks between 3.35 and 4.05pm Tuesday
Refuse Collection Every alternate Friday morning
Household recycling Every other Friday morning. Collection of wastepaper, in the blue bag, glass jars, bottles, cans and plastic bottles in the green box.
Public recycling centre From Bellerby, on approaching Leyburn, turn right at the King's Head into Moor Road, continue until you reach Public Amenities sign on the left. Also in the cark park at Letburn and at Tesco.
For other council services In Central Chambers, next to Tourist Information, in Leyburn is a One-stop-shop for Richmond Council services. Recycling blue bags are also available from here
  Click here to visit the Richmondshire District Council website