Original research by David Hall and the Bellerby W.E.A class of 1981 with additions in 1988 by Ron Spencer

Date Item Source


1194      Mentioned in Assize Roll                                                    Victoria County History
1577      Mentioned in Feet of Fines                                                 Halley 18 Eliz

1606      Francis Metcalfe requires , Thomas Walker of Bellerby
              To grind corn at the manorial mill in Bellerby                       NYCRO 

1643     Conveyance ,Metcalfe to Metcalfe , Bellerby Manor
              Plus 1 watermill                                                                  NYCRO

1647     Conveyance, Metcalfe to Metcalfe The Manor & Manor
              House, the mill and seven cottages                                      NYCRO

1746     John Metcalfe , Lord of the Manor of Bellerby, leases
              Bellerby Corn Mill with the drying kiln, leat and dams
              To Thomas Thompson of Coverham, milner                        NYCRO

1789     William Frier, miller, presented before the Manor
              Court of William Chaytor for neglecting the repair of
              the mill race  from the west end of Bellerby. Repair by
              5th Jany next or be fined £1.1.0                                           NYCRO

1806     James Pickerersgill leases Bellerby water corn mill with
              stables, drying kiln, dressing machine, a garth and an
              allotment called High Brains (4 acres) to Ralph Terry of
              Bellerby, miller, for 11 years at the rent of £44 p.a.             NYCRO

1823      James Outhwaite, Corn Miller                                             Baines Directory
1840      James Outhwaite, Corn miller                                             White’s Directory
1841      Elizabeth Outhwaite, Corn miller                                         !841 Census
1847      Advertisement for sale by auction. Valuable water corn
              mill with drying kiln and appertenances including
              messuage and dwelling house, other outbuildings and
              A garth adjoining - all in the occupation of William              Wensleydale Advertiser
            Outhwaite.                                                                         15th Jan 1847

1851      Wm. Outhwaite Miller with his mother Elizabeth
              As partner in the mill                                                           1851 Census 

 1857     Mrs Elizabeth Outhwaite, miller.                                          Kelly’s P.O. Directory

1861      George Raw, miller Robert Auton assistant                         1861 Census

1871      George Raw, miller James Robertson assistant                    1871 Census

1881      George Raw, miller, John Raw (son) assistant                     1881 Census

1890      George Raw and son (John) farmers and corn millers
              Bellerby Mill                                                                       Bulmer’s Directory

1909      Robert Auton, miller                                                           Kelly’s Directory

1925      S. Walter Scott , miller                                                       Kelly’s Directory

1926      Discontinued by … Scott                                                    Bellerby W.E.A. 1981

1950s     Dismantled by J. Nicholson, derelict by 1972

1972      Sold to William Kirby, speculative builder, converted
              to a dwelling house                                                             Bellerby W.E.A.