There was a meeting of Bellerby Parish Council in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 30th October 2006


Cllrs Hall, Mullard, Rycroft, Welsh and Wheatley attended the meeting together with the clerk.

1.         Apologies for absence

None had been received.

2.         Public speaking and question time (limited to 10 minutes)

No member of public was present.

3.         To approve the minutes of 4th September 2006

Cllrs unanimously approved these minutes.

4.         Matters arising from previous minutes.

The Chair gave an update on the problem parking at the bottom of Moor Road and is to ask Ian Beighton of NYCC Highways, as per his suggestion, to write to residents in the area asking them to park in such a way that there would be on contravention of the advice given regarding parking in the Highway Code.

The Chair had yet to receive a reply from Proctors bus company about buses not stopping at the bus stop.

The clerk was to, yet again, ask when the light outside the Memorial Hall would be switched on and to find out why the street light on Back Lane has been moved to the entrance of Studdah Close.

5.         Correspondence

Cllrs had been informed about NYCC budget meetings.

RDC had sent a copy of their Public Convenience Review.

6.         Authority to pay

Richmondshire District Council  £406.20           2 dog bins and installation

S Weatherald                           £192.96           Sept and Oct ’06 clerk’s invoices

Mac Plant Hire                         £317.25           3 grass cuts

Mazars                                    £  58.75           External auditor’s fee

Richmondshire Citizens           £  40.00           Donation

 Advice Bureau

7.         Planning matters

4 planning applications had been received;

“Full Planning Permission for Erection of Extension to Dwelling to Form Garage at Ebeneezer Cottage, Bellerby” – Cllrs had no objections

“Full Planning Permission for Conversion and Extension of Former Farm Building to Form Dwelling at OS Field No 2409 Mill Lane, Bellerby” – Cllrs had no objections.

“Full Planning Permission for Erection of Stock Building at Southfield Farm, Bellerby” – Cllrs had no objections.

“Full Planning Permission for Erection of Two Bedroom Dwelling at Brooklands, Moor Road, Bellerby” – Cllrs OBJECTED to this application as it appears that the proposed site is outside the village development line and Cllrs do not want a precedent set for building outside this line.

8.         Date of the next meeting

Monday 11th December 2006