A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall at 8pm on Monday 19th July 2004
Cllrs Ball, Bannon, Rycroft and Wheatley were in attendance together with the clerk and four members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Cllr Welsh and District Cllr Wendy Morton had conveyed their apologies to the clerk.  In the absence of Cllr Welsh, Cllr Bannon, as Vice-Chairperson, chaired the meeting.

2. Minutes of last meeting on 17th May 2004 to be agreed
These were proposed by Cllr Wheatley, seconded by Cllr Rycroft and agreed by all as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes
The request for signs informing of children playing near the old shop was discussed again.  It was proposed by Cllr Rycroft (and seconded by Cllr Wheatley) that Christianne Hall, the villager who originally made the request, buy two signs from either Farmway or Sam Turners and have her husband erect them in suitable sites.  The Parish Council will then reimburse Mrs Hall for the cost of the signs.
The clerk reported a telephone call with Eddy Hayward, the Area Traffic Manager and Ian Beighton’s boss, concerning the painting of double yellow lines on the village end of the Moor Road and another “Slow” sign on the same road.  The clerk had been informed that the whole village regarding traffic calming was to be looked at next year.  Cllrs did not want to wait until next year and asked the clerk to put the request for double yellow lines and a “Slow” sign in writing.
The clerk reported writing letters regarding the progress at Friar Ings and the flooding situation.  Neither had yet been replied to.  The clerk was asked to chase the departments concerned.
The clerk reported asking for a quote from John Thistlethwaite for a new village notice board.  The clerk had already chased Mr Thistlethwaite, but no quote has yet been received.  Cllrs asked the clerk to chase the request again.

4. Financial statement and authority to pay
Bank account balance as at 22nd June 2004       £2875.38
Mac Plant Hire 3 grass cuts                                                                 £299.63
S K Weatherald           Clerk’s wage for May and June & postage stamps          182.76
P Pearson                     Stile repairs                                                                    990.00
P Pearson                     Erecting new village signs                                                115.00
P Welsh                       Refund of monies for retiring clerk’s presents         98.00
The clerk is to now reclaim the grant money for the stile repairs from North Yorkshire County Council.

5. Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors
Cllr Rycroft gave a report on a recent traffic-calming meeting he had held.  The clerk is to contact PC Huw Williams, the Lower Wensleydale Community Beat Officer, and ask him to contact Cllr Rycroft regarding visiting the village with a matrix board which flashes the speed limit at passing vehicles.  Cllr Rycroft is to contact Ian Beighton and ask for the consultation with the village regarding traffic calming in the village, scheduled for next year, to be brought forward.  Cllr Bannon thanked Cllr Rycroft for all the work he has undertaken.
Cllr Ball gave a report on a Vital Villages meeting he had attended concerning recycling.  Richmondshire District Council had offered to install a mini-recycling centre in the village within two weeks of the Parish Council confirming a site.  Cllr Ball asked the Cllrs to think of a suitable place.  Somewhere around the Memorial Hall was mentioned and Cllr Wheatley is to speak to the Memorial Hall committee.  Cllrs to report back to the next meeting with ideas for other suitable sites.  Villagers had expressed concern that an article in the D & S had reported that Vital Villages funding had ceased.  Cllr Ball explained that this was for new applications and that Bellerby had already secured their funding.
The Footpath and Bridleway review group had also met.  They are looking at clearing village footpaths and bridleways with the help of volunteers.  The proposed footpath to Leyburn had been discussed.  Funding for this is awaited, but an estimate of the cost is still needed.
Concerns regarding parking during events at the Memorial Hall and on the playing field had been discussed and it was suggested that, when booking either the Hall or the playing field, the person booking the event should be encouraged to enquire locally as to alternative parking sites other than Church Street.

6. Vital Villages update – junction at the bottom of Church Street
Cllrs were asked to think about rights of way signs for the minor roads leading to Church Street before next year’s consultation.
7. Request for dog waste bins
A request for 3 dog bins in the village had been received from the Environmental Group.  The clerk was asked to obtain a brochure from Richmondshire District Council showing the types and prices of bins available and pass the information on to Cllr Welsh.

8. Stile next to Brooklands Farm needs repairing
This had already been repaired.

9. Flower tubs
In might of the Tidy Village competition, it was decided to ask the Environmental Group to organise the planting of the flower tubs.

10. Rubbish bin liners
The clerk was asked to request new metal liners from Richmondshire District Council as the existing ones are in a sorry state.

11. Care of village seats
Nearly all of these are in a sad state.  An offer to repair one of them was made by Fred Wilde at the meeting.  This was gratefully accepted.  Cllr Ball is to look at the Coronation seat and mend it as necessary.

12. Correspondence
Details of draft recommendations from the Boundary Committee regarding the future of local government electoral arrangements had been received.
A letter from the local Rotary Club had been received regarding the possibility of planting 100 trees in the dale to celebrate the centennial of Rotary International.  Cllrs thought this an excellent idea and asked the clerk to reply to this effect.
An agenda for the next Richmondshire Area Committee had been received.
The Council Plan 2004-9 had been received from Richmondshire District Council
An application for transfer of justices’ licence and protection order for the Cross Keys Inn had been received, which the clerk had replied to.
A letter had been received from Ian Beighton of Traffic Management at NYCC informing the Parish Council that the proposed scheme to introduce informal parking bays adjacent to Stores Cottage had been withdrawn.  This was because Highways have no jurisdiction over the area as the owners of Stores Cottage have registered ownership of the land with the Land Registry.

13. Planning matters
Variation of planning permission reference 1/64/102-/FULL by deleting condition No.3 to permit occupation of dwelling as a self-contained unit of accommodation had been GRANTED to Ms P Borrill and Mr J Stead of Old Stores Cottage.
Although the clerk hadn’t received a planning application for work on trees at the Old School House as reported in the D & S, Cllrs stated no objection should an application be received.

14. Date of the next meeting
This was set as 13th September 2004 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall.