A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 18th December 2006


The meeting was attended by Cllrs Mullard, Rycroft and Welsh together with the clerk.

1.         Apologies for absence

Cllrs Hall and Wheatley sent their apologies.  As the Chair was absent, the Vice-Chair Cllr Welsh chaired the meeting.

2.         Public speaking and question time (limited to 10 minutes)

None as no members of the public attended.

3.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting

Cllr Rycroft queried why a discussion at the last meeting about cows on a footpath in the village hadn’t been minuted.  This was because the item wasn’t placed on the agenda and no letter that could be included had been received.  Although the item wasn’t on the agenda for this meeting, Cllrs felt that, through the minutes, dog owners could be warned about the possible dangers of livestock in fields where there is a public right of way.

Cllr Welsh proposed that the minutes of the meeting held on 30th October 2006 should be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting, Cllr Rycroft seconded the proposal and Cllr Mullard was in agreement.

4.         Matters arising from previous minutes.

Cllr Hall had again met with Mr Ian Beighton from Highways regarding various issues.  A letter had since been received from Mr Beighton, which was read to Cllrs.

Although the clerk had been in touch with Richmondshire DC, the light outside the Memorial Hall was still not working.  The clerk had yet to receive an answer from RDC as to why the light on Back Lane had been moved to the entrance to Studdah Close.

Cllrs would ask the Chair at the next meeting if a reply had been received from Proctors Bus Company.

5.         Meetings attended by Councillors

None had been attended.

6.         Correspondence

NYCC had sent a consultation document regarding “Minerals and Waste Development Framework”.

7.         Authority to pay

Mac Plant Hire                         £317.25           3 grass cuts

S Weatherald                                       £196.80           Clerk’s invoice for Nov and Dec 06

8.         Planning matters

Full planning permission had been REFUSED to Mr T Gregg for the conversion and extension of a former farm building to provide a dwelling on Mill Lane.

Mr Julian Holmes had full planning permission GRANTED for change of use of agricultural land to form an extension to the domestic curtilage and incorporate a parking area at Highfields Farm, Runs Bank.

Mr S Scriven had full planning permission GRANTED to erect a new stock building at Southfield Farm.

Mr Paul Hodgson had full planning permission GRANTED for the erection of and extension to his dwelling to form a garage at Ebenezer Cottage.

9.         To set a budget for the financial year 2007/08 and therefore set the precept for the same year

Cllr Rycroft proposed that this be increased by £100.00 on last year to £2600.00 to take into account

increased costs for the next financial year.  Cllr Mullard seconded the proposal and Cllr Welsh was in


10.       Date of the next meeting

This will be set at a later date once all Cllrs have been consulted.