Minutes of Bellerby Parish Council meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday 17th May 2004

Initially 4 members of the public were in attendance with another arriving later on.  A full council was in attendance although the Chairman, Cllr Peter Welsh, arrived after the start of the meeting at 8.34pm.  Therefore the Vice-Chairperson Cllr Wendy Bannon opened the meeting.

1. Apologies for absence
District Councillor Wendy Morton had forwarded her apologies to the clerk.

2. Minutes of last meeting dated 8th March 2004 to be agreed
All Cllrs agreed that the minutes were a true and accurate reflection of the meeting.  Cllr Bannon proposed that they be accepted and Cllr Rycroft seconded the proposal.

3. Election of Officers
Cllr Rycroft proposed that Cllr Welsh should continue as Chairman, Cllr Bannon seconded the proposal.
Cllr Ball proposed that Cllr Bannon should continue as Vice-Chairperson, Cllr Wheatley seconded the proposal.
Cllr Ball proposed that Mr Spencer should be retained as the Parish Council’s internal auditor, Cllr Rycroft seconded the proposal.
Cllr Rycroft proposed that Cllr Wheatley should be appointed as the Parish Council’s representative on the Memorial Hall Committee, Cllr Bannon seconded the proposal.
The above posts were unanimously agreed by the Cllrs present.

4. New clerk’s contract to be agreed
Since the last meeting Mrs Sarah Weatherald of Low Thoresby, Carperby had been appointed as the new clerk.  It was agreed that the clerk would work 12 hours per calendar month at the current Society of Local Council Clerks and Yorkshire Local Councils Association rate of £7.37 per hour.  This rate of pay to be increased in accordance with guidelines whenever Local Government pay increases are agreed.  It was decided to pay telephone expenses of £3.00 per quarter and that the clerk would purchase books of stamps and claim for the cost of them when submitting her wages.  The new clerk is to be employed on a three month trial basis, after which time the aforesaid will be reviewed.
8.34pm At this point Cllr Welsh arrived and took the Chair.

5. Matters arising from previous meeting’s minutes
The problem in the village regarding flooding was raised.  The clerk was asked to write a letter to Mike Woodford of the County Highways Department and ask for a progress report on the situation.  In particular have the flooding problems been concluded, what is happening to the pipe culvert under Moor Road (it was supposed to have been cleaned out) and is any work outstanding.
The clerk was asked to write a letter to Helen Shepherd of the Rights of Way office at County Hall for a progress report on the footpaths at Friar Ings, ask who is responsible for the footpaths in the area and whether stepping stones will be provided.
The new village signs have been delivered and Cllrs made the decision to site the one on Moor Road near the 30mph sign.  The clerk was asked to contact Paul Pearson and ask him to do the necessary work.  It was noted that the signs had cost more than originally thought at £225.49.
After a discussion Cllrs agreed that a new Parish notice board was needed and that it should be an all metal construction as it was felt that this would last longer than a wooden one.  The clerk was asked to contact John Thistlethwaite and ask for plans and a quote for the work for a double sided notice board.  The plans and quote are to be brought to the next meeting for approval.
Parking at the bus stop end of Moor Road is still a problem and Cllr Rycroft proposed that the clerk should contact Ian Beighton at NYCC and request that double yellow lines be painted on the road in the problem area.  All Cllrs had regrets at this course of action, but felt that public safety was their priority.  Cllr Ball seconded the proposal.

6. Financial statement, authority to pay and new bank mandate to sign
The clerk reported that the balance of the Parish Council’s bank account was £2570.68 as of 22nd April 2004.
The Yorkshire Local Councils Association had written inviting the Parish Council to become a member.  The clerk is to circulate a pamphlet detailing the benefits of joining the YLCA and a copy of their bi-monthly newsletter.  A decision regarding joining will be made at the next meeting.
Mrs M Scott                -           £50.00             -           final month’s salary
Mr R Spencer              -           £25.00             -           internal audit fee
Mac Plant Hire -           £199.75           -           grass cutting fees
Mrs S Weatherald        -           £19.89             -           reimbursement for stationary
RDC                            -           £5.00               -           Best Kept Village competition entry fee (All Cllrs agreed to take
                                                                                    part in this year’s competition)
A new bank mandate was signed in order to allow the new clerk to liase with the bank.  Cllr Ball was also added to the bank account as a signatory so that he could sign cheques whenever one of the other two signatories was not available.

7. Accounts for the year ended 31st march 2004 to be agreed
All Cllrs agreed that the accounts were a true and accurate record of the year’s financial business.  Cllr Bannon proposed that the accounts were accepted and Cllr Wheatley seconded the proposal.  The clerk is to now forward the accounts to the external auditor and display the necessary notice and statement of accounts on the notice board.

8. Vital Villages update
Cllr Ball reported that at a public meeting on 21st April 2004, 63 villagers had attended, which was a good turnout.  Cllr Ball then gave a report on the progress of the Vital Village group so far, a copy of which is to be displayed with the minutes.  All Cllrs were given their own copy.
Cllrs felt that the housing problem should be kept at the forefront of Parish Council agendas and also the footpath to Leyburn.
The survey summary will be discussed at the next meeting.

9. Bellerby to Leyburn footpath, best option
Cllr Rycroft had asked for this item to be included on the agenda and thought that the three options for the new footpath were; a roadside path, a fenced off path behind the existing roadside wall or to upgrade the current field footpath with a hard surface.  Cllrs felt that the first option was not advisable as it would be unsafe so close to the road and in wet weather passing traffic would spray pedestrians.  Similarly upgrading the current field footpath would be a problem for people with pushchairs, lone women may feel uneasy and access from Moor Road was not considered adequate. 
Cllr Rycroft had spoken to pedestrians in the village who favoured the second option of a fenced off footpath behind the wall.  It was noted that the existing wall may have to be moved in places for access and that fencing in the field must be stock proof.  There were a number of issues raised such as purchase of land to accommodate the new path, but Cllrs felt that, whatever problems may lie ahead, there was a need for a safe path and this matter must be pursued.  Cllr Rycroft is to raise this issue at the upcoming Mouchel Strategic planning meeting regarding Leyburn’s traffic strategy and find out if this footpath will be included in the new traffic strategy or whether the Parish Council will have to deal with the matter via Vital Villages.  Cllr Rycroft is to report back to the next meeting.

10. Signs requested near the old shop informing of children playing nearby
Cllr Bannon had asked for this item to be included on the agenda, as a village resident had voiced their concern over the safety of children playing at the end of Moor Road.  The previous clerk reported that she had spoken to Mike Woodford of Highways who informed her that the Parish Council could place a sign on the village green, but that permission would have to be sought to place a sign adjacent to the highway.  Cllrs felt that a sign on the village green wouldn’t be appropriate, as drivers needed warning before reaching the village green near the bus shelter.  Cllrs felt that traffic calming measures already on order and the proposed double yellow lines would help with the parking problem that, in turn, should make the area safer.  The clerk was asked to contact Mr Woodford and request an extra SLOW sign be painted on the road wherever he thought it would be appropriate.  Cllr Bannon is also to contact the resident who originally voiced the concern as to their views on the matter of signage.

11. Correspondence
A letter had been received from Mr J Storr regarding confusion about access to “The Old Vicarage” and “Daisy Lodge”.  A letter is to be sent to Mr Storr offering any support that the Parish Council can give him and to ask him to contact the Parish Council if any further help is needed.

12. Planning matters
Mr and Mrs Mullard had been granted full planning permission for erection of a two storey extension to Rustic Cottage in Moor Road.
Mr and Mrs Weatherill had received full (retrospective) planning permission for conversion of agricultural barn and extension to form dwelling at OS field no 4562.
An application had been received for Variation of planning permission reference 1/64/102-/FULL by deleting condition No. 3 to permit occupation of dwelling as a self-contained unit of accommodation at Stores Cottage.  Cllrs felt their original concerns over parking remained the same and Cllr Rycroft proposed that a letter to this effect be sent to the Planning Department.  Cllr Bannon seconded this proposal.  The applicant spoke at the meeting and said that the parking would remain the same whether a self-contained unit or not.

13. Date of the next meeting
This was set as 19th July 2004 at 8pm in the Memorial Hall.