A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 17th January 2005


Cllrs Ball, Bannon, Rycroft, Welsh and Wheatley were in attendance together with the clerk and one member of the public.  District Cllr Wendy Morton arrived shortly after the meeting started.

1.  Apologies for absence


2.  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 8th November 2004

It was unanimously agreed that these were a true and accurate record of the meeting.

3.  Public speaking and question time (this agenda item to be limited to10 minutes)

It was asked as to why this agenda item is at the start of the meeting rather than at the end.  The clerk explained that the purpose of this agenda item is so that residents may make known their views on any agenda item before Cllrs discuss said item.  In this way residents may hope to influence decisions.  If public speaking were at the end of the meeting decisions would have already been made with no input from the public.  The clerk was then asked how residents could find out what exactly would be on the agenda for each meeting.  The clerk explained that agendas are displayed in the Parish Council noticeboard and the Memorial Hall noticeboard a few days before meetings.

4. Matters arising from the previous minutes

It was noted that PC Williams had still not visited the village with a speed gun.  Cllrs felt that such a visit was now unnecessary in light of the forthcoming traffic calming measures that would be put out to public consultation this year.

The clerk was asked to chase Mike Woodford of the county’s Highways department regarding reflectors for a wall on Moor Road that had previously been promised to the Parish Council and also to ask why the safety bars had not yet been fitted on the bridge near Myrtle House.

Although the clerk had reported to Highways that the culvert running underneath Moor Road was blocked, the problem had not yet been sorted.  The clerk was asked to chase Highways again regarding the matter and inform them that the culvert was probably broken somewhere underneath the road.

Cllr Ball informed the meeting that he had spoken with Mike Woodford regarding removing the verge opposite the village hall to alleviate the parking problem.  Mr Woodford is to contact Cllr Ball at some point in the near future to arrange a site visit.

The new noticeboard had recently been erected and the trees provided by the Rotary Club of Wensleydale had been planted.

5.  Advice note regarding “New basis for employment of the clerk” received from Yorkshire Local Councils Association to be looked at.

This is to looked at by all Cllrs before the next meeting where the item will be discussed in full.

6.  To discuss the date for an extraordinary meeting regarding the ongoing problems with parking in Church Street

Cllrs Bannon and Ball had met with the Memorial Hall Committee who thought that a public meeting should be held chaired by the Parish Council and attended by the Memorial Hall Cttee and all other interested parties.  A date for the meeting was set as Monday 28th February 2005 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall.  The clerk was asked to publicise this meeting and ask that any villager with any ideas as to how to rectify the parking problem should attend the meeting.

7.  Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors

None had been attended.

8.  Authority requested to pay

Cllr A Wheatley            £5.00               to repay £5.00 paid for help with tree planting

Paul Pearson                £110.00           for erecting the new noticeboard

Sarah Weatherald         £181.92           salary for Nov/Dec 2004

9.  Correspondence

A letter had been received from G Kane of Brentwood in Leyburn regarding the Parish Council’s stance on parking in Leyburn.  The clerk was asked to reply and say that the comments had been noted.

A questionnaire had been received regarding the Parish Forum meetings.  The clerk was asked to complete this giving suggestions as to how to improve the meetings.

A letter had been received from Mike Woodford confirming that a grit box had been provided to the east of the village hall.  Cllr Ball agreed to monitor the level of grit and report to the clerk or direct to Highways if the box needed replenishing.

A letter had been received from Richmondshire District Council confirming that a new street light near the Memorial Hall would be included in the programme for the present financial year.  The clerk was asked to write and convey the Parish Council’s thanks for this and also to ask when another application for another new light could be sent in.

Richmondshire’s draft Biodiversity Action Plan had been received.  Cllr Welsh is to read through it and return it to the clerk by 10th February 2005 if any comments are to be made.


10.  Planning matters

Four planning applications had been granted since the last meeting at Daisy Lodge, South Dyke Farm, Land adjacent to Brooklands Farm and Vine Barn.

Cllrs were very disappointed to hear that a three-storey house had been granted next to Brooklands Farm when the Parish Council specifically objected to the application.  The clerk was asked to find out the reasons why this application was granted and also the one at Daisy Lodge, which the PC objected to as well.

A planning application for “Full Planning Permission for Erection of Replacement Summer House at Pear Tree Cottage” was discussed.  Cllrs had no objection to this, but asked the clerk to find out why a new planning application costing £110.00 was necessary for a replacement.

District Cllr Wendy Morton asked that, in future, if the Parish Council feels strongly about a planning application, either supporting one or objecting to one that she be contacted as she might be able to help reinforce Cllrs views.

11. Date of the next ordinary meeting

21st March 2005 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall