There was a meeting of Bellerby Parish Council in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 15th August 2005.


1.  Apologies for absence

Cllrs Bannon and Wheatley had sent their apologies.

2.  Public speaking and question time (limited to 10 minutes)


3.  To approve the minutes 6th June 2005

Cllr Ball proposed that the minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.  Cllr Welsh seconded the proposal.

4.  Matters arising from previous minutes.

Although it had been agreed that the grass verge could be removed near the church to facilitate easier parking on Church Street, Mike Woodford of County Highways had told Cllr Ball that funds weren’t available at present and that he would be in touch when the funds became available.

Cllr Rycroft had dealt with an application for a new street light on Moor Road.  If this is accepted it is unlikely that a new light would be available before the financial year 2007/08.

Cllr Bannon still wishes to resign.  Cllr Ball is to contact Christianne Hall and ask if she would be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.

5.  To discuss various miscellaneous items; the drains on the main road are covered with tarmac following recent work; the bin near the church is not being emptied; there are overhanging Hawthorn trees on Moor Road obscuring drivers’ views and the area near the newly planted trees at the bottom of the football pitch is getting rather overgrown.

It was reported that the bin near the church IS now being emptied.

The clerk was asked to inform the relevant departments about the trees and the problems with the drains.

The clerk was asked to contact the Bellerby School Charity and ask them if they can strim the area at the bottom of the football pitch.

6.  Meetings attended by Councillors

No meetings had been attended.

7.  Correspondence

NYCC Highways had written asking if the Parish Council would support the proposed prohibitions of Heavy Commercial Vehicles on the moors in the Redmire/Grinton/Bellerby area.  Cllrs supported this proposal and asked the clerk to find out if Moor Road in Bellerby could be included.

8.  Authority to pay

S K Weatherald           £187.20           June/July 2005 invoices

Fred Wild                     £  52.34           Refund cost of materials for seat repairs

R Spencer                    £  25.00           Internal audit fee

Cllrs wished to thank Mr Wild for his hard work in repairing the village seat on the main road opposite the entrance to Church Street.  Mr Wild did say that the seat wasn’t used much and that Cllrs might like to think of a more appropriate site.

Colin Nesbitt had offered to repair the bench outside Brooklands Garth.  The Parish Council will pay for the cost of the materials.

9.  Planning matters

Plans had been received for a variation of planning consent regarding the height of a wall at Studdah Farm.  Plans had also been received for change of use of agricultural land to form extension to domestic curtilage (retrospective) at Highfields Farm.  Cllrs had no objection to either application.

Full Planning Permission for Change of Use from Agricultural Building to Motorcycle and MOT workshop at Manor House Farm had been APPROVED.

10. Date of the next meeting

Monday 10th October 2005 at 7.30pm