A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held on Monday 13th September 2004 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall
Cllrs Bannon, Ball, Rycroft and Welsh were present together with the clerk and 3 members of the public.  Another member of the public joined the meeting at 8.45pm.

1. Apologies for absence
Cllr Wheatley and Dist Cllr Morton had sent their apologies.

2. To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 19th July 2004
These were proposed by Cllr Bannon as an accurate record of the meeting.  Cllr Ball seconded the proposal and all other Cllrs were in agreement.

3. Matters arising from the last minutes
The clerk had passed details of dog bins and prices to Cllr Welsh.  Unfortunately current funds will not stretch to purchasing dog bins, so this will have to wait until next year.  The clerk will take account of the monies needing when working out the budget for 2004/05 which will be discussed at the next meeting.
The signs warning of children playing in the area of Moor Road had been bought and displayed by Mrs Hall, who is to be reimbursed for the cost.
The clerk had received a reply from RDC regarding refurbishing the litter bins.  Amanda Dyson of RDC had said that all bins were in the process of being renewed and the job should be done in the next few months.  Cllrs asked the clerk to contact Ms Dyson again and ask for lids on the bins, as birds appear to be emptying them.
A reply had been received from Traffic Management at NYCC regarding the SLOW marking on the road and the request for double yellow lines.  Ian Beighton said that next time he was in the area he would look for a suitable site for another SLOW sign on the road.  His letter also explained that because of a waiting list for double yellow lines, it would be at least 6 months before legal consultation could take place and therefore it could be a year before the lines were in situ.  In the interim, Cllrs asked the clerk to request of Mr Beighton a single white line in the affected area.  Single white lines have previously been successful in the village.
Mike Woodford had replied regarding the flooding problems and reported that all work that could be done was now done.  He promised to fit bars near Myrtle House to prevent children crawling through the drainage channel.
The clerk had spoken to Helen Shepherd regarding the footpath at Friar Ings.  Unfortunately it had been too wet when Paul Pearson wanted to do the work and will now have to wait until the spring for dry weather.  Ms Shepherd confirmed that stepping-stones would be provided.
John Thistlethwaite had not provided an estimate for a new notice board.  As the notice board had recently started falling to pieces the clerk had brought along some brochures for Cllrs to look at.  Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Rycroft seconded that an aluminium frame notice board from FILCRIS should be purchased.  It should be a black background with gold lettering.  The clerk will request a proforma invoice from FILCRIS before the next meeting so that a cheque may be drawn and the notice board ordered.  The total cost will be £438.42 plus VAT.
PC Huw Williams had responded to the clerk’s e-mail regarding the flashing matrix board by contacting Cllr Rycroft.  In a telephone call between the two, PC Williams said that it was easier to attend with a speed gun, as the area didn’t have many matrix boards.  The clerk was asked to contact PC Williams and ask him to attend the village between 8.00am and 9.00am one weekday morning.  It was felt that the best place for him to stand would be near the 30mph limit sign on the road into the village from Leyburn.

4. Financial report and authority to pay – to include notification of Parish Clerks’ hourly rate increases with effect from 1st April 2004 and 1st April 2005
The clerk reported that the Local Councils’ Association had increased Parish Clerks’ hourly rates to £7.58/hour with effect from 1st April 2004 and £7.80/hour with effect from 1st April 2005.
The balance in the Treasurer Account stood at £1190.37 as at 22nd August 2004, although £990.00 was expected soon from NYCC, this being the grant for recent footpath work.
Christianne Hall              £47.89           Repayment for children playing signs
Mazars                           £58.75           External auditor’s fee
Mac Plant Hire £399.51           4 grass cuts
S K Weatherald           £186.96           Clerk’s wage for July and August 2004 (this
                                                            amount includes backdated pay to 1st April)    
5. Vital Villages update
A report from Cllr Ball is attached.  In addition to the report dog fouling was discussed.  As the Parish Council cannot afford dog bins at the moment, the clerk was asked to contact RDC and request some signs pointing out that it is an offence to let a dog foul.  The problem of parking near the Memorial Hall was discussed.  Cllr Rycroft proposed and Cllr Bannon seconded that the grass verge opposite the hall be removed to ease the parking problem.  Cllr Ball is to take this matter up with the Vital Villages group.

6. Feedback from any other meetings attended by Councillors
There had been no meetings to report on.

7. Site for a recycling centre to be decided on
No site had yet been identified in the village.  Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Rycroft seconded that the Vital Villages group pursue this subject in conjunction with Parish Councillors.

8. Care of village seats and flower tubs
Cllr Ball had previously offered to repair the Coronation seat in the spring with the materials being paid for by the Parish Council.  The Chairman thanked Cllr Ball for this offer and also the offer of repairing another by Fred Wilde at the previous meeting.  The repair of 2 seats was now accounted for, but another 5 still need looking at.  The cost of repairing these will need to taken into account when setting next year’s precept.  The care of all the flower tubs has now been organised.

9. Street lighting review for 2004/05 and 2005/06
Margaret had already completed the forms.  Cllrs were satisfied that they should be forwarded to RDC without any alterations.  It was thought that, in the future, a light on Moor Road might be considered.
10. Correspondence
A letter had been received from the Community Safety Co-ordinator at Richmondshire District Council asking for a copy of the Village Plan, specifically the part of it that mentions crime and disorder.  This is to help with the 2004 Audit and Consultation for Crime and Disorder and Drugs.  Once the Village Plan is completed, Cllr Ball will let the clerk have a copy to forward to RDC.
An invitation to an Open Meeting with the Chief Constable at Thornborough Hall, Leyburn on 25th November 2004 at 7.30pm had been received.  Cllrs didn’t feel that Bellerby had any particular problems, apart from speeding that has already been brought to the attention of PC Huw Williams, and therefore no Cllr will be attending the meeting.
The Publication of Proposed Changes to Draft Revised Regional Planning Guidance for Yorkshire and the Humber (RPG12) had been received from the Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber.
NYCC had sent a letter asking if Cllrs could display on the notice board a poster informing residents that they could renew their wedding vows at local registry offices.  Cllrs decided not to display the poster.
An invitation to Richmondshire Citizens Advice Bureau’s Annual General Meeting had been received.  No Cllr wished to attend and the clerk is to send apologies.
A letter had been received from RDC regarding Richmond District Council Land and Asset Management Review.  RDC wanted to know if they’re was any land within the Parish that Cllrs thought may belong to RDC that RDC may not be aware of.  Cllrs couldn’t think of any.
A member of the public gave a report on fire hydrants in the village.  In summary; in recent years a lot has changed within the fire service and officers do not physically check the hydrants any more.  Some markers showing where the hydrants are in the village have been obscured, but this shouldn’t be a problem as fire crews carry laptop computers with them showing the position of fire hydrants.  If there are any problems with individual hydrants, it is up to members of the public to report this to Yorkshire Water.  A copy of all correspondence relating to this matter is to be given to the clerk to keep with the Parish files.

11. Planning matters
Permission had been GRANTED to Mr Colin Tindall of The Old School to prune 5 trees.
Listed building consent had been GRANTED to Mr and Mrs Gray of Boar House to replace 3 windows and 1 door, and to insert a roof light and create an opening for an additional window.
An application had been received for full planning permission for Alteration to Existing Access, Daisy Lodge, St John’s View.  Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Rycroft seconded that Cllrs recommend refusal as this is an inappropriate new access, because vehicles regularly parked in the area would restrict the view up and down St John’s View and therefore this could pose a serious safety issue.  All Cllrs were in agreement.  Cllrs asked the clerk to contact District Cllr Wendy Morton and ask that she refer the application to the planning committee.  It was noted that point 8 on the planning application was incorrect and that a cul de sac is indeed a public highway.

12. Date of the next meeting
This was set as 8th November 2004 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall.