There was a meeting of Bellerby Parish Council in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 12th December 2005


Cllrs Welsh, Hall and Mullard attended the meeting together with the clerk.  No members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence

Cllr Wheatley and Cllr Rycroft had sent their apologies.

2. The Parish Council welcomes it’s newest Councillor; Clare Mullard

Cllrs Hall and Welsh welcomed Cllr Mullard to her first meeting.

3. Public speaking and question time (this agenda item to be limited to10 minutes).

No members of the public were present to ask questions.

4. To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 10th October 2005

Cllr Welsh proposed that they are a true and accurate record of the meeting, Cllr Hall seconded the proposal.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes

Cllrs are becoming increasingly frustrated at the slow progress on the village’s traffic calming proposals.  The clerk reported that Ian Beighton had said, “the initial stages of this scheme are being dealt with by my colleagues in the HQ Traffic Section at County Hall. I've just had a word and they have confirmed that they have a few ideas which they will work up into a formal design. A copy of this will then be sent to you for comments in due course.”  Cllrs asked the clerk to press for a date from Mr Beighton when these comments will be sent to the Parish Council.

The clerk reported that the situation regarding the red roofs and problems with a wall height at Studdah Farm appear to have been resolved.  The ref roof tiles were on the original planning application and were not objected to.  However, following various comments, the Planning Department have asked Randall Orchard to only do two properties with red roof tiles instead of the original four intended.  The planners felt this was a reasonable compromise as one roof had already been completed and one on it’s own would have looked odd.  The clerk had contacted Mr and Mrs Langley regarding the high wall they were objecting to and this has now been resolved. 

6. To discuss 3 dog bins previously discussed (19/07/04 & 13/09/04), but never ordered

In 2004 Cllrs wanted to order 3 dog bins but didn’t have the funds available to pay for them.  The precept was increased in 2005 for this reason, but the bins were never ordered.  Cllr Hall proposed that 3 bins now be ordered, Cllr Mullard seconded the proposal.  Cllrs then discussed where the bins should be sited.  Cllr Hall proposed that there should be bins on Moor Road by the speed limit sign, one on the left hand side of the green as you exit the main road to turn up to Moor Road and one on the grass verge opposite the Memorial Hall outside Steve Scriven’s garth (assuming that Mr Scriven has no objection).  Cllr Mullard seconded the proposal and Cllr Welsh was also in agreement.  The clerk will now contact Richmondshire District Council to arrange for the bins to be installed and to ask for more signs to discourage fouling by dogs.  The clerk pointed out that the bins would be emptied weekly by RDC when the dustbins are emptied.

7. Precept for 2006/07 to be set.  A budget for 2006/07 is attached to these minutes

Having discussed the budget, Cllr Hall proposed that the precept remain the same as last year at £2500.00, Cllr Welsh seconded the proposal and Cllr Mullard was also in agreement.  The

clerk will inform RDC.

8. Financial report and authority to pay

The Parish Council had received a request from Richmondshire Citizens Advice Bureau for a donation.  Last year Cllrs decided to send £35.00.  Cllr Hall proposed that the same amount be sent this year, Cllr Welsh seconded the proposal and Cllr Mullard was in agreement.

Richmondshire CAB (donation)                                                            £  35.00

S K Weatherald (clerk’s invoice for Oct and Nov 2005)                       £187.20

Mac Plant Hire (last 2 grass cuts of 2005)                                             £199.76

9. Planning matters

A planning application had been received for full planning permission for “Erection of Garden Store Building Following Demolition of Existing Lean-to Store at Fern Cottage”.  Cllrs had no objection to this.

A planning application had been received for full planning permission for “Reinstatement of Former Dwelling at Fryer Ings, Barden Moor”.  Cllrs asked the clerk to tell the Planning Department that they very much SUPPORT this application.

Full planning permission for “Erection of Drinking Water Pumping Station” at Fryer Ings had been GRANTED.

The clerk informed Cllrs that she had been invited to attend a site meeting at Moor Farm as the Planning Committee was meeting there to discuss the ongoing application for the conversion of 3 farm buildings into dwellings, but that she didn’t attend as Cllrs had no problems or comments to make with the initial application.

10. Feedback from any meetings attended by Cllrs

None had been attended.

11. Correspondence

Apart from the request from Richmondshire CAB, no other correspondence had been received.

12. Date of the next meeting

Monday 27th February 2005 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.