A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall on Monday 10th October 2005 at 7.30pm
1. Apologies for absence
District Councillor Wendy Morton had sent her apologies.
2. The Parish Council welcomes a new Parish Councillor, Christianne Hall
All Cllrs welcomed Cllr Hall to the meeting as the newest member of the Parish Council.
3. Public speaking and question time (limited to 10 minutes)
4. To approve the minutes of 15th August 2005
Cllr Ball proposed that these minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting, Cllr Welsh seconded the proposal.
5. Matters arising from the previous minutes
The overhanging trees at the top end of Moor Road have been pruned by the County Council. The clerk reported yet another conversation with Mike Woodford about the various outstandingwork needing doing around the village.  The clerk is keeping a close eye on the situation. Although British Telecom had promised that the missing panes would be replace on the telephone kiosk in Church Street, this still hadn’t been done.  The clerk is to chase BT. The clerk reported that the new streetlight outside the village hall is on the way, but it will probably be some way into the New Year before it is up and working. The clerk had spoken to Liz Scott about the area that needing strimming at the bottom of the football pitch.  Liz had said she would make sure it was done. The clerk was asked to find out when the new disabled parking space would be painted on the road outside the village hall.
Recently Cllrs had been asked their opinion about the prohibition of HCVs in the triangle between Grinton, Redmire and Bellerby crossroads.  Cllrs had supported this and also asked if it would be Possible for Moor Road to become access only for HCVs.  The Parish Council has received a letter explaining that this is not possible at this time.
6.  To discuss inadequate responses from the Planning Dept at Richmondshire District Council
Cllrs discussed the fact that sometimes the initial plans sent to the Parish Council for comments are not always the final plans approved.  Cllrs felt that this meant any decision they had made on original plans were worthless.  Cllrs asked the clerk to ask the Planning Department for any revised plans sent in. The clerk then showed Cllrs 2 responses from the Planning Department explaining why 2 Applications, that the Parish Council had objected to, had been passed.
7. Traffic calming measures in the village
Public consultation was promised two years ago.  It was also promised that any work highlighted as being necessary by the consultation would be done in this financial year, of which there are now only 5 months left.  The clerk is to chase Ian Beighton and find out what is going on.
8. Correspondence
 Two documents had been received from Richmondshire District Council regarding Customer Access Strategy and Youth Strategy.
9. Authority to pay
S K Weatherald                       £187.20           Aug/Sept 2005 invoice
YRCC                                     £217.31           Return of Countryside Agency grant not used
CW Nesbit                               £  13.93           Village seat expenses
Mac Plant Hire             £199.75           Grass cutting
Mazars                                     £  58.75           External audit fee
J Ball                                        £  43.98           Vital Villages Expenses
Cllrs thanked Cllr Ball for all his hard work with the Vital Villages group.  He has been much appreciated.
10.Planning matters
Cllrs had received a letter regarding the Studdah Farm development from Joyce and Derek Langley who are concerned about the height of a roof adjoining their property.  Cllrs were also concerned about the red roof tiles appearing.  After a lengthy discussion, Cllrs decided to ask the clerk to contact the planning department and ask for a site visit, if necessary.
Cllrs had received a letter from Mr Brule-Walker regarding a possible planning application for a dog kennels and training school at Westfield Farm and seeking comments on his possible application.  Cllr Rycroft had spoken to residents in the area who were unimpressed with the proposal.  Cllr Ball had spoken to Mr Brule-Walker and said that the Parish Council could only support an application if all local residents were in agreement.
An application for “Full Planning Permission to Change of Use of Agricultural Land to Form Extension to Domestic Curtilage (Retrospective)” at Highfields Farm had been REFUSED.
An application for “Variation of Condition No. 16 of Planning Permission Reference 1/64/91B/FULL to Allow Construction of Boundary Walls Along the East Side of Less Than 1.8 Metres High” at Studdah Farm had been GRANTED.
An application for “Full Planning Permission for Conversion and Extension of Barn to Form Dwelling” at Mains Lane had been GRANTED.
11.Appointment of a new Chairman to replace Cllr Ball who is leaving the area
Cllrs proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Ball for all the hard work he has undertaken on behalf of the Parish Council. Cllr Rycroft proposed and Cllr Wheatley seconded that Cllr Hall become Chair of the Parish Council and that Cllr Welsh remain as Vice-Chairman and help Cllr Hall to Chair the next meeting. 
Cllrs Hall and Welsh accepted and all Cllrs were in agreement.
12.Date of the next meeting
Monday 5th December 2005 at 7.30pm.  nb this has since been changed to Monday 12th December 2005 at 7.30pm.  All Cllrs have been informed.