Bellerby Parish Council
There was a meeting of Bellerby Parish Council in the Memorial Hall on Monday 10th September at 8.00pm


The meeting was attended by the clerk and Cllrs Hutchinson, Jameson and Weedon.

1. Apologies for absence

Cllrs Wheatley and Rycroft had sent their apologies.

2. Public Speaking and question time


3. To approve the minutes of the meeting on 30th July 2007

It was resolved that these be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes

Cllr Jameson had spoken to Richard Clark about the possibility of the Parish Council renting some of his land to provide allotments. After careful consideration Mr Clark decided not to. Cllrs decided to wait and see what the questionnaire feedback is about allotments before thinking again.

The new website is now up and running.

Cllr Weedon is to attend the next Area Meeting and ask Cllr Rycroft to attend with him as members of the Scrutiny Committee will be at the meeting and Cllrs can find out what they do.

The dog bin still hasn't been moved, but the clerk is chasing the District Council on a weekly basis.

The meeting with Ian Beighton of Highways had not yet been arranged. The clerk will contact Cllrs as soon as she knows when the meeting is.

5. Correspondence

Training for the new Code of Conduct is on Tuesday 16th October 2007 at the council offices in Richmond. The clerk and Cllr Hutchinson are to attend.

Bellerby came second in the under 400 residents class in the Best Kept Village competition. The plus points were that the greens and pavements (except for outside the pub) were very good, there was hardly any litter, the streams were outstandingly clean, the seats were all kept in good order and flower and vegetable gardens were very good with a lot of effort from most villagers. The bad points were that hedges, fences and walls were let down by some roadside weeds, the church yard was good, but there were soil and weeds by the cemetery gate, a few rundown garages or outbuildings and the pub was alright, but the window boxes and car park had weeds in them.

6. Authority to pay

Mac Plant Hire £423.00 4 grass cuts

7. Planning matters

An application had been received for Listed Building consent for "Replacement of Window with Door and Replacement of 2 no. Windows" at Corner Cottage. Cllrs had no objections.

An application had been received for Listed Building Consent for "Erection of Rear Two Storey Extension Plus Part Raised Roof Over Staircase at Boar House". Cllrs were concerned that the neighbours may lose some privacy because of the first floor window that would overlook next door's garden. Cllrs also wanted to ensure that access for the neighbours would be maintained during any building work and that building materials must not be placed on the village green.

Planning permission had been GRANTED for the installation of three velux roof lights at Highfields Farm.

8. Traffic calming in the village

Drivers do not seem to be heeding the 30mph sign on entering the village from Leyburn. It was decided to discuss this issue with Ian Beighton of Highways at the upcoming meeting. Cllrs decided to ask for the 30mph limit to be moved to the barn conversion near Manor House and to ask for three warning signs informing drivers that soon the speed limit will reduce to 30mph.

9. To adopt the Model Code of Conduct for Members including paragraph 12(2), effective from 1st October 2007

It was resolved to adopt this as above.

10. Communications with the planning department

The planning officers recommendations for the 3 storey house on Moor Road had been previously received at the time the application was granted and the clerk brought the document to the meeting for Cllrs to see again.

11. Cllrs to review the questionnaire on the Parish Council's aims for the future and to decide how and when it will be distributed to villagers

Cllrs were happy with the content of the questionnaire and the clerk is to ask Richmondshire District Council for a list of all Parish precept paying properties in Bellerby for distribution purposes.

12. Date of the next meeting

This will be Monday 15th October 2007 at 7.30pm at Cllr Weedon's house as the village hall will be undergoing refurbishment at this time.