There was a meeting of Bellerby Parish Council in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 10th July 2006


1.         Apologies for absence


2.         Public speaking and question time (limited to 10 minutes)

It was reported that a telegraph pole at the end of Church Street is not quite upright.  The clerk is to report the matter to BT.

3.         To approve the minutes of APM and AGM

Cllr Hall proposed and Cllr Mullard seconded that these were a true and accurate record of both meetings; all other Cllrs were in agreement.

4.         Matters arising from previous minutes.

The clerk reported that minutes of Parish Council meetings were, once more, appearing in the Darlington and Stockton Times.

Rumble strips had been applied to the road at all three entrances to the village, but the signs still needed painting on the road surface.  There was a long discussion about why the money had not been available to the village for a grander traffic-calming scheme.  After this discussion, it was decided that Cllr Hall is to write to Ian Beighton at Area 1 Highways after the work has been completed to thank NYCC for the work, but also commenting that the Parish Council is disappointed that what was initially promised hasn’t happened.  Also that the rumble strips don’t appear to be very effective and that the 30mph signs aren’t big enough.  Cllr Hall is also to ask Mr Beighton for double yellow lines to be painted from the corner of Moor Road to Hall Garth on the same side of the road as the chapel in a bid to alleviate parking problems.  Cllrs expressed disappointment that a letter sent to Brian Jobling of NYCC Highways in March 2006 wasn’t replied to.

Trees on the Leyburn entrance to the village need trimming back so that the 30mph signs are visible.

Certain residents had complained about one of the dog waste bins being sited on the green on Moor Road close to where children play.  In light of this Cllrs decided to move this bin up Moor Road and put it next to the speed limit signs.

5.         To approve the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2006.

Cllr Hall proposed and Cllr Welsh seconded that the accounts be signed off and sent to the external auditor for approval.  All other Cllrs were in agreement.  Ron Spencer asked that a new internal auditor for the current financial year be found.  The clerk is to look into this.  Cllrs thanked Ron for being the Parish Council’s internal auditor for the last five years.

6.         Meetings attended by Councillors

None had been attended.

7.         Correspondence

Cllrs had received a letter complaining about the state of the cemetery (the grass was in need of cutting) and that the grass around the seats and pots in the village hadn’t been strimmed.  Cllrs asked the clerk to reply stating that council funds don’t run to strimming as well as grass cutting, but that any offers of help from residents would be gratefully appreciated.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service had sent a consultation document that Cllr Rycroft is to look at and comment on, if necessary.  Cllr Hall suggested that, in future, documents of this type should be allocated to Cllrs on a rota system.

Leyburn and Mid-Wensleydale Partnership had written that application forms were now available to apply for funding from the Food Festival’s profits.  Cllrs asked the clerk to find out how much a new bench would be for Moor Road and make an application.

8.         Authority to pay

Mac Plant Hire             £423.00           4 grass cuts

S Weatherald               £192.96           May and June 06 invoices

9.         Planning matters

Full planning permission had been applied for “Conversion and Extension of Barn to Form 3 Bedroom Dwelling suitable for Disabled Person(s) at Barn Garth, Bellerby”.  Cllrs had no objection to this application.

Full planning permission had been applied for “Replacement of 9 No. Single Glazed Windows in Main Hall, Kitchen and Store with uPVC Double Glazed Windows at Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bellerby”.  Cllrs had no objection to this application.

Full planning permission had been applied for “Erection of 1 No. Two Storey, Five Bedroom Dwelling with Attached Garage and New Access at OS Field 198 Adjacent To The Meadows, Moor Road, Bellerby”.  Cllrs commented that due care must be taken not to interfere with the underground stream that part of the new building will be built over.

Full planning permission had been GRANTED for the conversion of a barn off Moor Road, after the application had been altered to not include a wind turbine, following local objection.

Full planning permission had been GRANTED for “Conversion of Former Water Pumping Station to Artist’s Studio at Moor Road, Bellerby.

An outline application for “Erection of Two Bedroom Bungalow at Land at 10 St. Johns View, Bellerby” had been REFUSED.

10.  Date of the next meeting

This was set as Monday 4th September 2006 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.