A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held on Monday 8th November 2004 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall


Cllrs Ball, Bannon, Welsh and Wheatley attended the meeting together with the clerk and one member of the public.

1.  Apologies for absence.

District Cllr Wendy Morton and Cllr Frank Rycroft had sent their apologies.

2.  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 13th Sept 2004.

Cllr Ball proposed and Cllr Welsh seconded that these be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.  A parishioner questioned why her concerns regarding the proposed recycling station next to the village hall had not been minuted.  The clerk explained that only proposals and decisions have to be minuted along with any relevant comments made by Cllrs.  The clerk suggested that in future a 10 minute public speaking and question time period at the beginning of the meeting would allow for any comments by parishioners to be minuted.  Cllr Welsh felt this was a good idea, as it would reduce the length of the meeting if parishioners’ comments were limited to a specified period in the meeting.  All other Cllrs were in agreement.

3.  Matters arising from the last minutes.

The clerk was asked to find out whether PC Williams had attended the village with his speed gun.

Cllr Ball had spoken to Mike Woodford of Richmond Highways department regarding the possibility of removing the grass verge opposite the village hall and requesting that the grit box near Myrtle House be moved back to its original position.

The Memorial Hall Committee has agreed to an initial trial period of 3 months for a recycling station to the west of the hall.

Representatives from the Memorial Hall Committee, Vital Villages and the Parish Council are to meet to discuss the parking problem around the hall.

The bars are still to be fitted on the bridge near Myrtle House.  The clerk was asked to chase Mike Woodford regarding this matter.

4.  Financial report and authority to pay

The total bank account balances at 25th October 2004 were £3471.56

Hire of village hall for Vital Villages meetings                             £14.00

Hire of Church Vestry for Vital Village meetings                        £10.50

Cost of renovating village bench (paid to Cllr Ball)                     £40.75

Clerk’s salary for Sept and Oct 2004 and expenses                  £192.77

Mac Plant Hire (2 x grass cuts)                                               £199.76

Filcris Ltd (new noticeboard)                                                  £515.15

Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Wheatley seconded that when the new notice board is delivered that the clerk contact Paul Pearson and ask him to erect it.

The Parish Council had received a request from Richmondshire Citizens Advice Bureau for a donation.  Cllr Wheatley proposed and Cllr Ball seconded that £35.00 (the same as last year) should be donated.

5.  Precept for 2005/06 to be set.  Budget for 2005/06 attached to this agenda.

The difference between incomings and outgoings for the financial year 1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006 is estimated to be £3000.00.  Taking this into account Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Ball seconded that next year the precept should increase from £2000.00 to £2500.00.  This amounts to half the difference, with the rest being met from Parish Council reserves, which will be approximately £1700.00 at 31st March 2005.

6.  Feedback from any other meetings attended by Councillors.

Nothing to report.

7.  Blocked culvert on Moor Road.

The culvert outside Cllr Bannon’s house is blocked up.  The clerk was asked to contact Highways regarding the problem.

8. Correspondence.

The questionnaire regarding the Leyburn Traffic Management Strategy, which the Parish Council had been asked to complete, was discussed.  Cllrs felt that the questionnaire was weighted to give certain answers and therefore they didn’t think it was appropriate to complete the questionnaire.  Instead, the clerk was asked to write a letter expressing the Parish Council’s objection to Pay and Display parking in Leyburn, Cllrs would prefer disc parking.  The letter is to also note with pleasure the proposed provision of a footpath to Bellerby from Leyburn as shown on the plans from Mouchel Parkin.

It was noted that Broadband should reach most areas of Wensleydale by the end of November 2004.

A letter had been received from the Rotary Club of Wensleydale asking how many trees, and what type, the Parish Council would like to order and also where are they to be planted.  Cllrs felt that the bottom of the playing field would be a good site and that they would order 2 Rowan, 2 Silver Birch and 1 Oak tree.  The clerk is to contact Dr Wheatley with these details.

Code of conduct: Registering of Interests and Freemasonry – revised advice had been received.

The latest newsletter regarding the Lower Wensleydale Parish Forum had been received and given to Cllrs attending the meeting.

North Yorkshire County Council’s Plan for 2004-07 had been received.

North Yorkshire Strategic Partnership had sent “North Yorkshire Together – A Strategy for Local Communities”.  This was to be circulated to all Cllrs.

The Parish Council had received notification that the village had come 2nd in its class in the Best Kept Village competition.  The results will be displayed in the notice board.

New Ethical Framework Regulations had been received from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

9. Planning matters.

Mr Thompson had been GRANTED permission for a Microbrewery at Manor Farm.

Application ref: 1/64/121-/FULL for Conversion, Extension and Alterations to Redundant Farm Building to Form Dwelling had been WITHDRAWN.

10. Date of the next meeting.

Monday 17th January 2005 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall unless otherwise notified.