A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held on Monday 28th April 2008 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall




The meeting was attended by Cllrs Hutchinson, Jameson and Weedon together with the clerk.


1. Apologies for absence


Cllrs Rycroft and Wheatley had sent their apologies.


2. Public speaking and Question time




3. Declarations of interest




4. To approve the minutes of the last meeting


These were approved as being a true and accurate record of the meeting.


5. Matters arriving from the last minutes


Grit boxes hadn’t been filled in the winter despite the Parish Council’s request that they were.  Cllrs decided that it would be a good idea to fill them in the autumn rather than now as any summer rain could wash the salt away.  The clerk will make a diary note to see to this at the end of October.


Although it appears that the two faulty street lights have been looked at, they are still not working.  The clerk was asked to chase this and ask for a map of the street lights in the village to help when reporting faults.


6. Planning matters


Full planning permission for the demolition of modern farm buildings and change of use and extension of traditional building to form a cottage at “Barn north of OS 7300” for J T Dixon and Sons had been REFUSED.


Renewal of outline planning permission for the erection of a dwelling house adjacent to Boxwood House had been GRANTED.


Full planning permission for proposed two storey extension to provide extra living accommodation at The Watermill had been GRANTED.


Full planning permission for a new ménage and the moving of the existing Portal Frame building at Westfields Farm had been GRANTED.

Full planning permission for the conversion of an existing stone barn to form ancilliary accommodation to the main house at Westfields Farm had been GRANTED.


Full planning permission for a replacement garage at the barn adjacent to Barn Garth on Church Street had been GRANTED.


Cllrs had no comment to make on an application for full planning permission for the conversion of redundant farm buildings to form a dwelling at Manor House Farm for Mr Gordon Leathley.


Cllrs had the following comments to make on a full planning application for a new domestic three bedroomed dwelling adjacent to Lynthorpe House;


Bellerby Parish Council would like to object to the above planning application for the following reasons.


Cllrs feel that this new build would be potentially overdevelopment of the site.


The proposed building is very close to Lynthorpe House with no room for maintenance accessibility.  Additionally there is an existing window on the north side of Lynthorpe House which will be completely obscured by the proximity of the new build.


There would be a change of street scene fronting Leyburn Road resulting from the loss of the garden to the front which Cllrs feel will spoil that area of the village.


Cllrs have concerns about the increased traffic load accessing the property which could constitute a traffic hazard on a sharp bend.


Having visited the site, Cllrs are very concerned as to whether the schematic plans are truly representative of site conditions with particular regard to the distance from the watercourse.


The Parish Council is also concerned about what impact any building work may have on the integrity of the watercourse.  Building work, including paving over the front garden, can only exacerbate and existing flood risk.


Residents local to Lynthorpe House are very concerned about loss of privacy and light to their homes and gardens.  Cllrs share their concerns.”


7. Correspondence


A reply had been received from Proctors bus company stating that all bus drivers have now been instructed to turn off the main road to the bus stop.  If any bus is seen not calling at the bus stop, residents should note the time and inform the clerk who will contact the bus company.  The letter also noted that where buses are seen parked for a length of time, this is to enable the driver to take statutory breaks.


8. Authority to pay


There were no invoices to pay!


9. Update on the questionnaires


A reply to the questionnaires is being collated for distribution to all villagers.  Unfortunately the meltdown of Cllr Hutchinson’s hard drive has delayed this.  Eventually steering groups will be organised for the various issues raised in the questionnaire.


10. Flooding in Moor Road – report from the meeting with Highways


The Clerk and Cllrs John Hutchinson and David Jameson met with Ian Beighton of Highways.  Mr Beighton agreed to have the under road pipes jetted to see if that was causing the problem at times of heavy rain.  He also said it would be helpful if Cllrs could keep an eye on the road on dry days following heavy rain to see if the water is seeping up through the road surface.  If anyone notices this happening, photographs would be useful.


11. Date of the next meeting


To be decided.