The Annual Parish Meeting was held in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th March 2008




The meeting was attended by the clerk, Cllrs Jameson, Hutchinson, Rycroft and Weedon together with 5 members of the public.


1. Apologies for absence


Cllr Wheatley did not attend the meeting owing to ill health.


2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 4th February 2008


Cllrs agreed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting.


3. Matters arising from the previous minutes


It was reported that there was still some rubbish left on Runs Bank.  The clerk will ask the Street Cleansing team at the District Council to clear it.


The grit boxes still hadn’t been filled.  Again, the clerk will chase this up.


The specifications for granite setts to edge the greens and the creation of a new parking area near the Memorial Hall had been received.  These will be looked at after the village survey results are known.  No decision has yet been made to go ahead with either of these projects.


Although Highways had said they would arrange a meeting on Moor Road to discuss the flooding problem near the top green, so far no meeting had been arranged.  The clerk will try and get a meeting arranged with Neil Bacon in the next few weeks.


4. The Chairman’s report of Parish Council activities in the last year


The Council has met 7 times during the year.  The attendance of Members generally has been good.


A regular item on our agenda has been the scrutiny of planning applications with reports sent to the Richmondshire District Council.  We have been receiving planning application results, which show that our comments have been considered by both Planning Officer and the Committee.


We have met with Officers from the North Yorkshire County Council regarding various matters bought to the Council by Bellerby Residents.

 Among the items discussed were:-

a. Traffic control by the movement of the 30mph signs to give longer slowing

areas before the village is reached.  This was refused, but we have arranged a meeting with the Police in order to press our case.  A recent accident outside my house only gives credence to our request.


b. We discussed having new granite sets to the verges of the access tracks across the green as traffic is causing erosion of the green at the road entrances.  We have been given a budget figure for this work.  All we need now is the money.


c. Expansion of parking areas in Church Street to relieve congestion has also been priced, and they have no objections to our ideas.  Again we need the money.


d. The state of the road surface adjacent to the entrance to the Old Vicarage

up to Mrs Walkers house was discussed and they agreed the work would be carried out but did not say when.  Also a new village sign was installed.


I believe that the most important item of the year was the formation, distribution and the analysis of the replies to a questionnaire seeking your views on those items which you would like your Parish Council to deal with over the next 12 months.

The response was above average for this type of exercise, 314 questionnaires

(one for each voter) were sent out and 145 were returned a 43% response.

I would like to say thank you to Cllr Hutcheson and Cllr Jameson for all their hard work in organising this format and finding out what you want.  Thanks are also due to others who helped with the deliveries.


The order of what you would like to see the Council put into place is as follows:-

1. Footpath to Leyburn

2. Traffic calming

3. Parking problems

4. Recycling issues.

5. Extra allotments places.

6. Other issues.


We will be giving these results our full attention over the coming months.


Other issues dealt with by the Council:-

Flooding in Moor Road

Street lighting not being repaired despite many reminders.

Codes of Conduct training for Cllrs.


I attended an area meeting organised by Richmondshire District Council,

items included the Environment Agency’s response to flooding.

Future plans for recycling.  We were then given the opportunity to have our say as to what we thought of the performance of the RDC as a council.

I do not think that they liked some of the comments from the floor.


We entered the best kept village competition and came second in our class. We have entered again this year.  It is up to all of us to help in, keeping the village up to scratch.


Councillor Anne Wheatley has not been able to attend our meeting for some time and I know that you will join me in sending her our best wishes for a speedy return to good health.


Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah our Clerk for all the hard work she puts in on our behalf and for keeping us on the straight and narrow path as is required by a Parish Council. 


5. Public speaking and question time


A resident reported dog fouling problems.  The Chairman advised that if the culprit is spotted, then the dog warden at Richmondshire District Council should be informed so that the appropriate action may be taken.


A resident explained that cars parked on the green had been there to avoid a 102 year old relative having to walk far to a car.  Other cars parked in the area were generally the District Nurse or Doctors from the Leyburn practice attending the elderly lady.


6. To receive quotes for the 2008 grass cutting season


Two quotes had been received from Horton Landscaping Ltd and Mac Plant Hire Ltd.  Cllrs decided to offer Horton Landscaping Ltd the contract as overall they were the cheapest.  The clerk was asked to write to Mac Plant Hire Ltd and thank them for their excellent service over the last few years.


7. To discuss a request from the clerk to increase her hours


The clerk explained that she was struggling to complete all the Parish Council’s work in three hours a week.  Cllrs agreed to increase the clerk’s hours to four per week.  The clerk will obtain an amendment to an existing standing order form from the bank for Cllrs to sign.


8. Authority requested to pay


Richmondshire District Council £100.00           Two uncontested election fees for

                                                                                    elections in May and June 2007

                                                                                    at £50.00 per invoice.


9. Correspondence


Cllrs decided against joining the Yorkshire Local Councils’ Association.


The County Council had written regarding the Winter Maintenance Review.  Cllr Weedon hopes to attend a Local Area Meeting where this issue will be discussed.


Cllrs decided, as in previous years, to take advantage of the District Council’s Small Parish Insurance Scheme at a cost of £126.00 for the year.  This amount will be deducted from April’s precept payment.


10. Planning matters


Two planning applications for Westfields Farm had been received.  One for full planning permission for “Conversion of Existing Stone Barn to Form Ancillary Accommodation to the Main House”, the other full planning permission for “New Ménage (Horse Riding Arena) and Moving of Existing Portal Frame Building”.  Cllrs had no objections but commented that any building work should not make the existing flooding problem worse and that there had been comments locally wondering if the ménage would be floodlit at night causing light pollution.  Also, on the plans it wasn’t clear what would happen to any spoil and material from excavation.


11. Traffic calming


Highways had said that another meeting would be fruitless because of the Police comments following the last meeting.  Cllr Weedon said that he would write to Police Headquarters at Newby Wiske regarding the matter, as there has recently been another accident outside his house. 


12. Village questionnaire report and results


The Chairman expressed thanks to Cllr Hutchinson for the excellent job he had done collating the results into draft form.  The results will be available to villagers once finalised.  Cllr Hutchinson guided members through the draft report.


The clerk was asked to dig out all correspondence regarding the proposed footpath to Leyburn.


13. Street lights


Although the broken light on Moor Road had been made safe, neither this nor the unlit light at the eastern end of the main street was working.  The clerk was asked to chase again and remind the County Council that darkened areas of the village were a Health and Safety matter.


14. To discuss the problems with the buses not always stopping at the bus stop


The clerk explained that despite two letters to the bus company and one email to passenger transport services at the County Council, no reply had yet been received.  The clerk said she would try and speak to someone at the County Council as soon as possible.


15. Date of the next meeting


This will be Monday 28th April 2008 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.