A meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held at the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 12th December 2007 at 7.30pm




The meeting was attended by Cllrs Hutchinson, Jameson and Weedon together with the clerk.


1            Apologies for absence


Cllrs Rycroft and Wheatley had sent their apologies.


2            Public Speaking and Question Time - To receive any comments or respond to any questions from members of the public.


None, as no members of the public were present.


3            Declarations of Interest


None were declared.


4          To approve the minutes of the last meeting


It was agreed that the minutes of the last meeting were a true and accurate record of that



5          Matters arising from the previous minutes                     


The clerk reported that the young offenders could not clear the rubbish on runs Bank as they

had already been offered more than enough opportunities for their reparation work.  The clerk

is to ask the Street Cleansing team to add it to their list of jobs.


Highways had written following the recent site meeting with prices for the granite setts

around the greens and possible creation of a new parking place near the memorial hall as

follows; granite setts - £5250.00 plus VAT and the parking place between £4250.00 plus VAT

and £6000.00 plus VAT depending on the surface.  The letter also turned down the request for

extending the 30mph limits further out of the village.


The clerk was asked to write back to Highways and ask for the specifications for the jobs

quoted and to ask for a further meeting with Highways and the police to discuss the

possibility of putting a 40mph buffer zone on the approach to the village from Leyburn to try

and slow traffic coming into the village that way.


6          Planning matters


Planning permission had been applied for both ordinary and listed building consent for “Erection of Rear Two Storey Extension Plus Internal Staircase Alterations at Boar House”.  Cllrs had no objections to the applications providing that the access to the neighbouring property is kept clear and no materials are placed on the village green.


An application for “Listed Building Consent for Replacement of Window with Door and Replacement of 2 No. Windows” had been GRANTED at Corner Cottage.


An appeal against the refusal to grant planning consent for a 2 bedroomed dwelling at Brooklands, Moor Road had been turned down.


7          Correspondence




8          Authority to pay


S Weatherald                           £  43.12           Backdated pay to 1st April, travelling expenses

and overtime for Standards Board Training


Mac Plant Hire             £105.75           One grass cut

Richmondshire Citizens £  50.00           Donation

Advice Bureau


9          Report back by Cllr Hutchinson regarding the Code of Conduct training session


Cllr Hutchinson handed out the training material from the training session and quickly went

through it. He said that he had found the training very informative.


10        To set the precept for 2008/09


Having discussed the budget, which is attached to these minutes, Cllrs decided to set the

budget for the financial year 2008/09 at £3500.00.  The clerk will inform the District Council.


11        To discuss a timeframe for distributing the parish questionnaire now that a list of ratepayers has been received from Richmondshire District Council


Having received a list of council tax paying properties in the village, Cllr Hutchinson is

currently merging the electoral roll with it so that all voters and ratepayers in the village have

the opportunity to complete the questionnaire.  It is hoped that the questionnaires will be

delivered early to mid January.


12        Date of the next meeting


To be decided at a later date.