The annual meeting of Bellerby Parish Council was held in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 at 7.00pm




The meeting was attended by the clerk and Cllrs Hutchinson, Jameson and Weedon.


1. Election of Chairman and Declaration of Acceptance of Office


Cllr Jameson proposed and Cllr Hutchinson seconded that Cllr Weedon should remain Chairman for the coming year.Cllr Weedon accepted and duly signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


2. Apologies for absence


Cllr Rycroft had sent his apologies as he was away on holiday.Since the last meeting Cllr Wheatley had tendered her resignation owing to ill health.The District Council have been informed and the necessary notice has been displayed on the notice board.No one put forward their name, so Cllrs now need to appoint a fifth Parish Cllr.Two possible names were discussed and agreed by all present and Cllr Weedon is to approach the first choice to ask them if they would agree to be co-opted onto the Parish Council.If not, he will approach the second choice.


3. Election of Vice-Chairman


Cllrs Weedon and Jameson proposed that Cllr Hutchinson should be Vice-Chair for the coming year.


4. Finance to approve requests for payment and to approve the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2008


Horton Landscaping Ltd ††††††††† £152.76†††††††††† Two grass cuts


The accounts were approved by all present and will now go to the internal auditor.


5. Review of the effectiveness of internal audit


As a result of the review, terms of reference in the form of an appointment letter for the internal auditor have been drawn up and approved.Also, the Parish Councilís standing orders havenít been reviewed since the clerk was appointed in 2004, so these will be reaffirmed at the next meeting.The clerk reported that following a financial risk assessment, two discrepancies were noted.These were that the clerkís pay, paid by standing order, and all petty cash payments should be reported to the next meeting and included in the minutes.This will be done in future.


6. Planning matters


Cllrs had no comments to make on an application for renewal of outline planning permission for a House and a bungalow at Fern Cottage.

7. Date of the next meeting


This will be Monday 14th July 2008 at 7.30pm