Bellerby Parish Council


Questionnaire Results March 2008

Very many thanks to everyone who completed the questionnaire, sent out at the beginning of the year.   As promised – the main results are being distributed to each home with their May edition of ‘Leyburn Life’.  The fuller draft report has been reported at the Parish Council meeting, and will be available for anyone requesting to see a copy, and very shortly via the village website.



Of 314 people identified – 156 returned their completed forms, a response rate of almost 50%.  This is excellent for this type of questionnaire, and the Parish Council can have confidence in majority village views when tackling issues of importance.  The responses can also be used as evidence when applying for grant funding for village priorities.


Findings - Main Village Priorities


1          A pedestrian and/or cycleway to Leyburn             25% (of the vote)

2          Traffic calming measures                                    21%

3          Parking Issues                                                   19%

4          Re-cycling Issues                                              15%

5          Allotment provision                                             12%

6          Others                                                              7%


1          A pedestrian and or cycleway to Leyburn

This was seen by most to be of the biggest benefit to the whole village, and also addressed current strategic priorities such as Accessibility, Reduction of traffic, Safety of pedestrians, and promoting Healthy Living through exercise.  There are a number of issues and potential consequences to clarify, but the Council now has the ‘green light’ to explore the practicalities more fully.


2          Traffic calming measures 

This topic received the most individual comments (43 in total) of any issue.  The speed of vehicles passing through the village, recent and historical accidents, and a requirement to ‘keep the village as a village’ preventing creeping urbanisation, were all mentioned and will be considered when approaching the authorities and undertaking actions.


3          Parking Issues

Primarily reinforced problems in 3 main areas – Church Street, The Green, and Moor Road.  These need to be considered fully by the Council and will be investigated when considering how to address possible actions.                                          


4          Re-cycling Issues

Recent improvements to kerbside collections have helped tremendously in this area although there are still concerns regarding the collection of plastics and cardboard, with many people welcoming a central collection point for these materials.


5          Allotment provision

The provision of additional allotment places only realised 4 additional comments, and while desirable was not particularly highly rated. This will therefore not be considered as a priority in the short-term.   Purchase or provision of additional spaces would be prohibitively expensive.


6          Other Issues

In order – Dog Fouling, Flood mitigation,  Street Lighting, Affordable Housing, Conservation, General Village Maintenance, A village map,  Post Office, Cross Keys patron’s parking, and recycling via the village website, were all commented on and will be considered by Councillors in more detail.



1          To develop a strategic plan for the village covering the next 1 – 5 yrs

2          The parish Council to consider convening separate Working Groups to address the issues raised in particular Footways, and Environmental Issues.


Would anyone with an interest in being involved in a Working Group please contact any Parish Councillor, or the Chair – John Weedon on 01969 622 596   (Hill Top House)

 John Hutchinson 8/2/2008