Cllrs Hall, Mullard, Rycroft and Welsh attended the meeting together with the clerk six members of the public and District Cllr Wendy Morton.
1.         Apologies for absence
Cllr Wheatley had sent apologies.
2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 28th February 2006
Cllr Hall proposed and Cllr Welsh seconded that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting.
3.         Matters arising from the APM 2005 minutes
Unfortunately the bars still had not been fitted to the bridge near Myrtle House although County Highways had placed the grit bin over the opening as a temporary measure.
Hopefully the two dog bins the Parish Council has ordered should alleviate dog-fouling problems.
4.         The Chairman’s report of Parish Council activities in the last year
As this was Cllr Hall’s first APM as Chair of the Parish Council and had not been a Parish Cllr throughout the full year, Vice-Chair Cllr Welsh gave the Chairmen’s report.
Cllr Welsh welcomed the 2 new Cllrs to the Parish Council, Cllrs Hall and Mullard.  It was felt that the grass cutting had, once again, been extremely well done by Mac Plant Hire.  There had been an issue about 4 new properties at the Studdah Farm development having red pantile roofs.  A compromise had been reached with the builders and now only 2 of the houses are to have red roof tiles.  As reported above, 2 dog waste bins have been ordered.  The new streetlight outside the village hall had been installed although no one was sure if it was working yet.  A new streetlight had been applied for on Moor Road, but no funds will be available for this until at least 2007/08.  The footpath to Leyburn has probably been postponed indefinitely owing to lack of money.  There is not even enough funding to do a costing survey.  County Cllr Roger-Harrison Topham may be able to help, Cllr Welsh will contact him.
5.         Public speaking and question time (this to be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes)
The clerk was asked to put Parish Council minutes in the Darlington and Stockton Times.
Bellerby Study Group had offered to re-do the waymarking for the walks around the village.  They will also update the booklet.  The clerk was asked to contact Helen Shepherd at the Parish Paths Partnership at County Hall and ask if they can pay for the printing as they did last time.  If not, the clerk will see if she can produce something on her computer.
6.         To discuss proposed traffic calming measures for the village as suggested by Highways
The proposal from Highways was passed around the meeting.  The proposal entailed putting 3 graduated sets of rumble strips on the three entrances to the village, installing a bigger 30mph sign on the road from Leyburn, painting large 30mph signs on the road wherever there is a 30mph upright sign, slightly altering the junction near the old shop to help visibility and painting slow signs on the road that dissect the village greens opposite the old school.  Everyone at the meeting agreed that these were sensible measures.  Cllr Welsh proposed that the clerk write asking for the work to go ahead, Cllr Hall seconded the proposal and all other Cllrs were in agreement.
7.         Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors
None had been attended.
8.         Authority requested to pay
S K Weatherald           £93.60 Clerk’s invoice for March 2006
9.         Correspondence
None had been received since the last meeting.
10.       Grass cutting tenders
The clerk then opened the two tenders received, one from Mac Plant Hire and one from Carley Barnes.  As the one from Mac Plant Hire was the cheapest and they have always done a good job, it was decided to give Mac Plant Hire the contract for the year.  The clerk was asked to contact Carley Barnes and thank her for quoting.
11.       Date of the next meeting
This is to be the Annual General Meeting and will be on Monday 8th May 2006 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.