Cllrs Ball, Welsh and Wheatley attended the meeting together with the clerk and 10 members of the public.  District Cllr Wendy Morton was also in attendance, but had to leave half way through for another meeting.


1.   Apologies for absence
Cllrs Bannon and Rycroft had sent their apologies.

2.   To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 17th January 2005
Cllr Welsh proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting, Cllr Ball seconded the proposal.

3.   Matters arising from the previous minutes
The clerk reported that she had spoken to Mike Woodford of the County Council’s Highways department regarding the reflectors needed on a wall near the Yorkshire Water building, the absence of bars on the bridge near Myrtle House and the relocating of the grit bin near Myrtle House.  The clerk had been assured that the work was in hand.  District Cllr Morton said that she would contact Mr Woodford as well to try and speed things up.
The culvert under Moor Road had been cleared since the last meeting.

4.   The Chairman’s report of Parish Council activities in the last year
As well as ordinary Parish council business such as grass cutting and planning comments, the Parish Council had been involved in other projects.  These included; the Vital Villages work, the questionnaire having been collated and is now in the process of being acted upon; flood prevention work, hopefully the flooding problems have now been rectified; consultation with Highways which will result in a consultation with the Parish Council and villagers in 2005 to decide how best to solve various issues within the village; and a new clerk had been appointed.
The Parish Council had been involved in a meeting regarding parking around the Memorial Hall.  It was decided at the meeting to leave things as they are for the time being and review the matter again, some time in the future.

5.   Public speaking and question time (this to be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes)
The clerk was asked if she could contact British Telecom and ask them to replace the broken panes of glass in the phone box in Church Street and also to clean and repaint the kiosk.
The state of the village greens was discussed.  They are badly rutted because vehicles have run over them in places.  It was asked who was responsible for repairing the ruts.  Cllr Welsh thought it was probably Highways responsibility.

6.   Advice note regarding “New basis for employment of the clerk” received from Yorkshire
Local Councils Association to be looked at
This item is to be postponed until the next meeting as not all Cllrs had read the advice note.

7.   Erosion of village greens
District Cllr Morton suggested that advice could be sought from Highways regarding this problem when the village is looked at as a whole this year.  In the meantime, the clerk was asked to contact Wensley and Bainbridge Parish Councils to find out how much their low fencing around the greens cost.

8.   Application for a new street light on Moor Road
The clerk was asked to pass this on to Cllr Rycroft to complete.

9.   Review of cemetery charges
It was proposed by Cllr Ball and seconded by Cllr Wheatley that charges should be increased so that they are two thirds of the fees at Leyburn cemetery. 

10. Grass cutting tenders
Only one tender had been received from Mac Plant Hire Ltd.  The price was the same as last year.  Cllr Welsh proposed that this tender be accepted and Cllr Wheatley seconded the proposal.

11. Parish allotment tenders
Only one tender had been received from Peter and Johan Welsh for £60.00 per year.  Cllr Ball proposed that this be accepted, Cllr Wheatley seconded the proposal.

12. Dog fouling problems in and around the village
The clerk was asked to send a polite note with the next issue of Leyburn Life reminding villagers not to allow their dogs to foul public areas, as there is still a problem in the village. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the next step will be to report persistent offenders to Richmondshire District Council.

13. Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors
None had been attended.

14. Bank balances and authority requested to pay
Treasurer account                                 £1505.84
Money Manager account                      £1043.47
Paul Pearson                                        £  210.00         Bridge repairs at Friar Ings
S K Weatherald                                       190.32         Jan/Feb salary and postage costs

15. Correspondence
Yorkshire Water had written informing the Parish Council of works to replace the water main across the village green.  Work will start no earlier than 21st April 2005.  Details are on the noticeboard.
Yorkshire Local Councils Association had written to ask for nominations for an additional substitute parish member for Richmondshire District Council Standards Committee.  Cllr had no nomination.
DEFRA had written outlining the new Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment bill.
The Church Warden had written to inform the Parish Council that work to the church roof will start on 5th April 2005 and will last 3 months.
The Standards Board for England had written asking for responses to a review of the Code of Conduct.
The Countryside Agency had sent the Conclusive Map of Open Country & Registered Common Land in Upper North West England for the Parish Council’s information.
NYCC had written regarding an outstanding application to de-register the part of the village green that the bus shelter is built on.  Cllrs asked the clerk to check the legal situation and if everything was Ok, to instruct NYCC not to go ahead with the de-registration.
Disability Action in Richmondshire had invited Cllrs to attend their 1st Birthday Celebrations on 6th May 2005.  Cllr Ball may attend.
A letter had been received from NEDL asking for details of someone in the Parish who would be willing to act as the first point of contact to distribute information around the village should a prolonged power cut occur.  Cllr Ball is to be the contact.

16. Planning matters
Full planning permission had been GRANTED for alteration to the existing access at Daisy Lodge, St Johns View and for erection of a replacement Summerhouse at Pear Tree Cottage.  Outline planning permission had been GRANTED for the erection of a dwelling house adjacent to Boxwood House.
Two applications were discussed by Cllrs.   A hedgerow removal notice associated with the forthcoming work by Yorkshire Water and an application for full planning permission for a two storey extension to the rear of a dwelling following the demolition of outbuildings and the erection of a porch to the front of the dwelling at Westfields Farm, Moor Road.  Cllrs had no comment to make on either application.
A reply had been received from Patrick Earle, the Planning and Development Unit Manager at Richmondshire District Council, explaining the reasons why two planning applications that the Parish Council had objected to, had been granted.
17. Date of the next ordinary meeting
This was set as 9th May 2005 at 7.30pm. THIS WILL BE THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL.