Bellerby Parish Council’s Annual General Meeting was held on 9th May 2005 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall


Cllrs Ball, Welsh, Rycroft and Bannon were present at the meeting together with the clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence

Cllr Wheatley and District Cllr Wendy Morton had sent their apologies.

2. Election of Chairperson and Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Welsh has been Chairman of the Parish Council for a number of years and now expresses a wish to stand down.  Cllr Welsh proposed and Cllr Rycroft seconded that Cllr Ball be elected as Chairman.  Cllr Ball duly accepted the position and took the Chair for the rest of the meeting.

3. Election of Vice Chairperson

Cllr Bannon has expressed a wish to resign as a Parish Cllr once a suitable replacement is found and in light of this wishes to step down as Vice-Chair.  Cllr Ball proposed and Cllr Bannon seconded that Cllr Welsh be asked to take on the role of Vice-Chairman.  Cllr Welsh accepted.

4. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting on17th May 2004

Cllr Bannon proposed and Cllr Rycroft seconded that these be taken as a true and accurate record of the minutes. All Cllrs were in agreement.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes

There was a query regarding a possible new streetlight on Moor Road.  Cllr Rycroft is to make the application once the clerk has given him the details.

The clerk reported that the notes regarding dog fouling had been sent out with Leyburn Life.

The state of the greens was discussed again, but as there is going to be a consultation with Highways this year regarding the village, it was decided not to take any action until then.

The clerk reported that new cemetery fees had been sent to Richard Sanderson.

The clerk reported that £210.00 spent on repairing the bridge at Friar Ings would be repaid by NYCC, but that there will be no more grants in the future.

Cllr Ball had attended the Disability Action in Richmondshire meeting on 6th May 2005.  He said it was a very upbeat, interesting meeting.  Cllrs then spoke about the problems encountered by disabled people and their carers.  Cllr Bannon explained that she had had to leave her car in the middle of the road outside the village hall when she brought her father to vote in the General Election as there is no dedicated disabled parking space outside the village hall.  In light of this, Cllr Ball is to contact the Memorial Hall Committee and ask if the space outside the gates could be designated as a disabled parking space.

6. Finance:        To approve requests for payment

Bank account balances Treasurer account         £1105.74

                                   Deposit account            £1043.47

Mac Plant Hire                                                 £99.88

S K Weatherald (self-employed hours for March            £184.56

                                    and April 2005)

Victim Support North Yorkshire had written asking if the Parish Council could help them with funding.  Cllrs decided not to at this time as the village is a relatively crime free area and also a close community that tends to support itself.

Cllrs authorised the clerk to enter the Best Kept Village Competition this year if invited.

7. Correspondence received since last meeting

The Patient and Public Involvement forum for TENYAS was discussed.

A letter had been received from Richmondshire District Council regarding the Development Control User Consultation.  Cllrs didn’t have any comments to make.

Cllrs were asked by NYCC if they wanted any alterations to the Winter Service 2005-06.  Cllrs were happy with the present arrangements, but still (after 9 months!) the grit box near Myrtle House needed moving.

Help with a Community Emergency Plan was offered by NYCC.  However, Bellerby’s is practically finished and is OK.  Cllrs asked the clerk to contact the County Council and ask them if they need to copy our plan.  Cllr Ball also asked for a copy.  The clerk is to contact the new owners of the Cross Keys and ask them if they would be willing to act as a contact point.

Various plans had been received regarding the new drain across the village green.

8. Planning matters

The clerk was asked to contact the Planning Department and find out why not all planning applications appear in the Darlington and Stockton Times.

Renewal of Outline Planning Permission for Erection of House and Bungalow at Fern Cottage.  Cllrs had no comments.

Full Planning Permission for Erection of Two Storey Extension to Rear of Dwelling Following Demolition of Existing Outbuildings and Erection of Porch to Front of Dwelling at Westfields Farm, Moor Road had been GRANTED.

Full Planning Permission for Erection of Double Garage at Eastfield Garage had been GRANTED.

9. Date of the next ordinary meeting

This was set as Monday 6th June 2005 at 7.30pm.