Savoury garlic bread(v)                                                                   £2.75

half a crusty baguette topped with cheese, garlic mayo and finely sliced onion

Traditional Yorkshire Black Pudding                                              £2.95                            

served on a bed of crisp salad and accompanied by mango chutney

Salmon & Broccoli fish cake                                                            £4.45

served on a bed of crisp salad and accompanied by a dill sauce

Potato skins loaded with savoury mushrooms                                               £3.75


Cottage pie                                                                                         £7.25

home made and served with seasonal vegetables

Fusili ‘carbonara’                                                                              £7.25

fusili pasta smothered in a creamy bacon and cheese sauce

A half roast chicken & chips*                                                           £7.95

only for those with a healthy appetite!

Mushroom and cashew nut stroganoff (v)                                      £7.25

cooked to order and served with a portion of our homemade chips and a crisp side salad

Gammon, egg (or pineapple)and chips                                             £7.95                               

served with a side salad and garden peas. Served with and egg and pineapple for an extra 50p

Indian ‘mystery’ pork*                                                                    £7.45

what’s the ‘mystery? How we do it for the price! Basically it’s a pork loin in mild/sweet spices            

Cod and chips                                                                                    £7.75

the ‘all time favourite’. Served with peas and salad or the all time classic.....mushy peas!

Rustic vegetable lasagne(v)                                                             £7.25

homemade (of course), topped with a blue cheese sauce and served with homemade chips and a side salad

Gilly’s legendary chilli                                                                    £7.45

made by the little vision of loveliness herself and nearly as nice as she is! Served with rice or chips (or both) and accompanied by a side salad

Bangers, mash & mushy peas                                                          £6.75

a pair of pork sausages served on a bed of mash with mushy peas. Add an extra ‘banger’ for

Aubergine and chickpea curry(v)                                                    £7.25

served with rice and mango chutney and your choice of a coriander & garlic naan bread or two chapatti’s

Side orders of our homemade chips                                                   £1.50


*Items marked with an asterix served with your choice of our home made chips, new potatoes or mash with either salad or seasonal veg



Three cheese salad - £4.75, Prawn Mayo - £4.95, BLT - £4.75,

 Tuna ‘melt’ - £5.25,  Bacon & Brie - £5.25,

Sausage & Wesleydale topped with caramelised onion relish - £5.25

‘Hunters chicken (chicken & bacon topped with bbq sauce & melted cheese) - £5.75